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Lacryma Christi DOP 2021 Lacrimabianco Bianco Vesuvio Cantine Olivelle

Lacryma Christi DOP 2021 Lacrimabianco Bianco Vesuvio Cantine Olivelle

Bottle 750ml

Cantina Olivelle is situated at the foot of mount Somma in the Vesuvio national park, in the heart of the volcanic complex Somma-Vesuvio formed after the Plinyan eruption of 79 AD, that is the same eruption that buried Pompey and Ercolano under the ashes. 

This protected area is the ideal habitat for growing the wine, an ancient tradition that Ciro Giordano, fourth generation of a farming family, grows on vocanic-sandy soil, suitable to grow vineyards on the original roots.

Grapes veriety: Caprettone 80%-Catalanesca 20%

The volcanic-sandy soil rich in minerals gives a wealth of fresh savouriness to this wine. the wines are farmed entirely by hand.

historical notes

the origine of the wine are wrapped in legend: it is said that the son of god, recognising in the gulf of Naples a piece of sky torn away from lucifer during his fall towards hell, cried and where the godly tears fell this wine grew, the wine produced from them was named Lacryma Christy

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