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End of line - Megestic Wine Box

End of line - Megestic Wine Box

750ML - 6 bottles

Indulge in a spectacular farewell to these extraordinary wines with our exclusive End of Line Megestic Wine Box. Priced at £55, down from £90, this curated collection of six exceptional bottles is your ticket to a world of palate-pleasing experiences.

Featured Wines:

  1. Romangia IGT SUSSINKU CAGNULARI Delight in the bold character of Romangia IGT Sussinku Cagnulari, a wine that whispers of the sun-soaked landscapes of Sardinia. Savour the last sips of this unique red, a testament to the rich terroir of the region.
  2. Sartiu Cannonau di Sardegna 2019 Transport yourself to the heart of Sardinia with Sartiu Cannonau, a red wine that encapsulates the essence of the Cannonau grape. As this vintage bids farewell, relish its robust and fruity notes, a tribute to the sun-kissed vineyards.
  3. Sandbichler Pinot Blanc H. Lun 2020 Discover the finesse of Sandbichler Pinot Blanc, a 2020 vintage that is ready to bid adieu. This white wine delights with its crisp acidity and hints of citrus, offering a refreshing conclusion to a remarkable year.
  4. FIANO Salento IGP Schola Sarmenti Unveil the allure of Fiano Salento, an IGP wine from Schola Sarmenti. This white wine brings forth the vibrant flavors of the Salento region, making it a must-sip before it gracefully exits our collection.
  5. Jankara Vermentino di Gallura Superiore DOCG Elevate your senses with the Jankara Vermentino, a wine of superior quality and distinction. As it takes its final bow, relish the crisp elegance and aromatic finesse of this DOCG gem.
  6. 2019 Nerio Negroamaro/Malvasia DOC Nardo Riserva, Schola Sarmenti Bid farewell to this exceptional red blend, the 2019 Nerio Negroamaro/Malvasia DOC Nardo Riserva. As it ages gracefully, enjoy the harmony of flavors, a beautiful symphony of Negroamaro and Malvasia grapes.

Why the End of Line Megestic Wine Box?

  • Unbeatable Price: Originally priced at £90, this box is now available for just £55, offering you an unparalleled discount on these exquisite wines.
  • Limited Quantities: These wines are the last of their kind, making this a rare opportunity to acquire exceptional bottles before they vanish from our inventory.
  • Clearance Out of Warehouse: Our commitment to quality means that even our clearance wines are a testament to excellence. Say farewell to these bottles and welcome them into your cellar.

Secure Your Megestic Wine Box Today!

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to acquire a curated collection of end-of-line wines. Order your Megestic Wine Box now for only £55 and embark on a journey through the flavors of Sardinia and Salento.

Note: Limited quantities available. Offer valid while stocks last. Shipping charges may apply.

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