Taurasini 2009

Taurasini 2009

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Campania is famous for its beautiful and Taurasi, of course, are very powerful, all DOCG wines. In the years ? Tonio Di Marzo has been rigorously addressed and vineyards replanted. The plant density was increased from 3500 to 5500 vines per hectare. Meanwhile, his son Stefano, after a thorough training to help him out. His view is that your quality in the vineyard and makes wine in your cellar. Since then the vineyards look like a picture. The tuff is the famous condiment. In addition, a layer of clay. Low efficiency and one year cask bearing ensure the final piece of this very fine wine with very good value for money

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Concentration and elegance are in perfect harmony here.
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It is beautiful, clean and very big on the palate.
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