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In 2006 Ivan Giuliani, toghether with a friend, cardiologist Evasio Pasini began to think of another ambitionus project in the nearby Cinqueterre zone, at Riomaggiore to be precise. Pasini was the proprietor of terraced vineyards which where brought back to life; its bosco, albarola, and vermentino grapes have been fermented since 2007 and blended toghether in another historic white wine, one with crisp and savory-almost salty-aromas and flavors.

The Cinqueterre are one of the most fascinated parts of the entire liguria region: its name- "five towns"-comes from the villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola,and Riomaggiore, which cling to rocky cliffs, perched over steep and narrow valleys along a ten mile coastline of a dizzying steepness over the sea.

The landscape has been constructed by the ceaseless work of human hand over millenium of time, an heroic, epic labor which has transformed thise precipitous slopes, once covered by woods, into a series of terraces  where the vine can be cultivated. It is only the cultivation of the vine which can safeguard the very existence of this territory, one of which in 1997 was declared part of the "patrimony of humanity" by unesco.



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Superb vintage rich and delicate
£13.75 / bottle(s)
Amarone Classico  Pegrandi 2008 Amarone Classico Pegrandi 2008
This wine should truly be experienced, 16% of alcohol
Barbera D'Alba Doc 2009 Barbera D'Alba Doc 2009
well-rounded in the mouth and pleasantly Fresh, soft Tannin
Barolo Badarina Docg 2007 Barolo Badarina Docg 2007
The king of wine, Robust, Full-body, with intense Perfumes, long finish, a garnet red colour.
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