Cinqueterre DOC 2011

Cinqueterre DOC 2011

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Among the wines are a dry white named Cinque Terre DOC . Albarola is one of the local grape varieties which is part of the blend that produces these  wines. The other two varieties in the blend are Bosco and Vermentino. Albarola is a small grape which is light bodied and somewhat neutral in flavor when it is young. There are more than 20 synonyms for this grape variety including Calcalella, Temosci, and Madea. As the wines made with this grape mature, they take on honey, floral and perfume aromas.


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Vermentino Di Bolghery Antinori Vermentino Di Bolghery Antinori
Bright and fragrant on the nose, the fleshy fruit of this wine carries through onto the palate
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Scalabrone Bolgheri Antinori 2003 Scalabrone Bolgheri Antinori 2003
This is bright and fruity, with aromas and flavors of strawberry and plum. Full yet crisp. A pleasing wine. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,
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