Grappa Di Sassicaia

Grappa Di Sassicaia

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Once named Enotria for its abundant vineyards, Italy (thanks to the ancient Greeks and Romans) has had an enormous impact on the wine world. From the shores of Italy, the Romans brought grapes and their winemaking techniques to North Africa, Spain and Portugal, Germany, France, the Danube Valley, the Middle East and even England. Modern Italy, which didn't actually exist as a country until the 1870s, once produced mainly simple, everyday wine. It wasn't until the 1970s that Italy began the change toward quality. The 1980s showed incredible efforts and a lot of experimentation. The 1990s marked the real jump in consistent quality, including excellence in many Region that had been indistinct for ages. The entire Italian peninsula is seeing a winemaking revolution and is now one of the most exciting wine Region in the world. For our entire Italian wine selection

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Product Note Status Price
Grappa Single Barrel 1996 Grappa Single Barrel 1996
this is the heart of the range, offering a veriety of styles
Merlot  Grappa Merlot Grappa
is a perfect grappa for those who like a young, dry style that is very rich and complex.
Bas Armagnac Vsop Bas Armagnac Vsop
A beautiful shade of amber. A strong prune bouquet with a wealth of concentrated aromas
Bas-Armagnac 1977 Bas-Armagnac 1977
Well composed and robust as good Armagnac should be.
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