Cabernet Sauvignon Doc 2008

Cabernet Sauvignon Doc 2008

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Bonzarone is obtained by selecting "Cabernet Sauvignon" grapes harvested at the right ripeness point after successive thinning outs. The goal is to produce phenols- enriched grapes. During vinification and maceration all the aromatic phenols-contained inside the grape skins- are extracted. After the malolactic fermentation the wine is refined in oak barrels for approximately 12-15 months. Its spicy aroma is intense, its taste is full-bodied and soft for the flavour acquired during its accurate refinement in wooden barrels. Alcoholic percentage 13,5% vol.

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chianti classico la prima 2004 chianti classico la prima 2004
powerful and concentrated with a flavour of ripe red fruits
Il Bruciato Antinori 2002 Il Bruciato Antinori 2002
This is a quite delicious, grown-up wine from Tuscan
Sagrantino Di Montefalco Sagrantino Di Montefalco
The palate is full and persistent, with velvety yet strong tannic flavor.
Nero D'Avola Doc 2009 Nero D'Avola Doc 2009
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